National News

Conservatives are in denial about the impact of cuts to school budgets and refuse to acknowledge that one of their flagship policies simply isn't working says GMB [...]
The vast majority of NHS workers are having to do more with a lot less thanks to destructive Tory austerity policies says GMB. [...]
We need a mix of energy which combines renew\able sources, like wind and solar, with the reliable base load electricity capacity that comes from gas and zero carbon nuclear, to see us through all those times when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine says GMB. [...]
It’s bad news for British business and a clear sign Theresa May needs to deliver the reforms that provide UK businesses like GKN and Unilever with more cover says GMB. [...]
At its best denying schools the opportunity to pay the Foundation Living Wage is an act of monumental arrogance, at its worst it is the authority protecting themselves against potential equal pay claims says GMB. [...]
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