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Our New Website

Your GMB/Apex union B11 Branch has some good news! We taken the opportunity to set up our own Local Personalised Website for members.

Our officials within the GMB/Apex B11 branch want to move towards the future and believe having a local website is a move in the right direction. Many of our members can have instant local workplace news, especially beneficial to School Support Staff and other employees do not have a LBBD email account.

You will be able to access the GMB/Apex local website from any computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone which will provide the opportunity to access information freely.

Members can also decide what workplace information is relevant to them and choose which of the GMB campaigns they would like to get involved in or be kept up to date with.

Some current campaigns the GMB are running include;

Support the 100,000 Teaching Assistants threatened by Government, Stop Blacklisting of TU activists, Guarantee Living Wage, Stop Zero Hours Contracts and many others which you may find of interest.

The website will also include National GMB News and Campaigns along with PDF files on Policies and Procedures for both Corporate and School employees. A list of our Officers and Stewards will be available, as will Branch News/functions, Legal Advice links and Health & Safety information.

You can join our mailing list on the webpage too, to receive this newsletter by email rather than post.

As we go along, our website will improve and will include more information for workers in both the Public Sector and Private Sector including those in Manufacturing or Commercial services.

Posted: 25th October 2013

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